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Types Of Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

types of kicthen hood

Will, if you love to cook a variety of food, then indeed you must spend most of your time in the kitchen. In this manner, the smoke and flames while cooking may cause suffocation in the kitchen.  That’s why you need a proper and reliable solution for this. With the latest technologies, there is a wide variety of exhaust fans in the market. 

All you have to do is to pick the best type of kitchen ventilation hood. As everyone knows, that exhaust fan is very impotent to maintain the environment of the kitchen. That’s why you must also have an idea about the types and features of them. So, some of the most famous types of best exhaust fans of the present time are:

Types of Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen: 

  • Under Cabinet Ventilation Hoods: 

Mainly, these exhaust fans are very popular and demanding in the present time. In addition, they all are made with the underneath the wall cabinet. However, all the construction of the fan is made with ductwork which is ultimately going through the adjoining wall of the fan. Besides this, they are perfect for eliminating all the vapours, smoke and suffocation from your kitchen. Moreover, the standard design of these hoods makes them the best option for all. 

  • Wall Chimney Ventilation Hoods: 

Primarily, this is the second type is exhaust fans and this type is perfectly suitable, with no cabinets and the cook-top. However, these fans are mounted on the wall of the kitchen. On the contrary, the vent stacks of this type of fan are suitable for pulling the air from the inside of the kitchen to the outside. 

  • Island Ventilation Hoods: 

Additionally, these exhaust fans are easy to mount on the ceiling of the kitchen. In this manner, you don’t need to make any extra space for placing the fan. As these types of exhaust fans don’t have walls or cabinets, it is essential to make sure that the ceiling fan should be wonder than the cooking surface of your kitchen.  

  • Downdraft Ventilation Hood: 

Most probably, this type of exhaust fan is perfect for reversing the direction of unwanted odours and rising smoke. In this way, this type of exhaust fan eliminates the odour through ducts that run beneath the kitchen floor. If you are not finding the route for the duck work of your kitchen ceiling, then this type of exhaust fan is perfectly suitable for you.  

  • Ductless Ventilation Hoods: 

With this type of exhaust fan, you have the option to mount it under the cabinet of your kitchen or wall hooks. By doing this, it becomes very easy to steam away from the stovetop. Moreover, the fillers are great for trapping grease and oil droplets.


In summary, a complete overview of the major types of a kitchen hoods is available in this article. Moreover, it would help if you went for the exhaust fan suitable for your kitchen space and environment. Besides this, exhaust fans help a lot in maintaining the fresh temperature of your small kitchen.