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How to Clean Kitchen: A Detailed Checklist

kitchen deep cleaning checklist

If you’re like most people, your kitchen probably becomes messy very quickly. It’s the smallest space in most homes, yet it can become muddled and overstuffed in no time at all. 

Since your kitchen is most likely also the busiest room in your entire home, it’s also prone to be neglected. If you want to bring a spark of life back into your kitchen, it’ll take some serious clean-up work before you can feel comfortable using it again. 

In this article, I will explore the kitchen deep cleaning checklist so that it is fresh and tidy once again.

Start With the Basics: Dishes and Counters

Start with the basics of your kitchen and tackle the dishes. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people skip this step when cleaning their kitchens. 

Your dishes are likely caked in food, grease, and grime, so they’ll need a thorough wash before they can be put away. The same can be said of your counters. Food, crumbs, and grime are all likely to be scattered across your counters. Make sure you wipe down your counters and scrub your dishes thoroughly to get rid of the nasty stuff. 

These two simple steps will make your kitchen feel significantly less cluttered, which is the first step in cleaning your kitchen. Once your dishes and counters are clean, you can move on to tackling the rest of your kitchen.

Wash the Walls and Ceiling

If you’ve ever been in a kitchen that’s been neglected for a long period, you probably noticed how dirty the walls and ceiling can get. You can wipe down the walls and ceiling with a damp cloth, and you should probably do this on a semi-regular basis. 

Once a month, however, you should use a cleaning substance to wipe down the walls and ceiling. This will help remove all the dust, grime, and dirt that accumulates on the walls and ceiling over time.

Tidy Up your Pantry

If you have a pantry, you’ll likely find that it becomes cluttered and messy very quickly. This is especially true if you have kids who like to raid your pantry on occasion. 

It’s important to keep your pantry tidy so that it doesn’t look dirty and cluttered. If you have a messy pantry, you’ll likely feel less motivated to cook in your kitchen. 

Once you’ve finished cleaning your dishes, you can move on to tidying up your pantry. 

You can put all your food in its proper place, or you can use food organizers to keep things organized. If you have kids, you may want to consider keeping all the kid stuff in one area so that it remains relatively tidy.

Clean your floor

If you have a wooden floor in your kitchen, you’ll want to use a mop to clean it. For ceramic tile floors, you can either vacuum or mop them. If your tile floor is caked in dirt, you may want to consider hiring a professional tile cleaner.

 You can also use a steam cleaner for tile floors, which is an effective and efficient way to clean them. Tile floors in kitchens can get really dirty very quickly, so it’s important to clean them regularly.

 This will prevent the floor from looking grimy, and it will make your kitchen feel much more tidy and clean. After you’ve finished cleaning your floor, you can move on to cleaning the rest of your kitchen.

Change your Dishwasher Filter

Dishwashers are great time-saving devices, but they can only function properly when they have clean filters. If your dishwasher filter gets clogged up with food and grime, it can no longer function properly. This can lead to your dishes coming out unclean, which is a major problem. 

You should change your dishwasher filter every few months, or whenever it starts to get clogged up. If you’re not sure how to replace your dishwasher filter, I’ve got you covered in this article. Changing it is a simple job that will make your dishwasher function properly again.

Wipe Down All Surfaces

And finally, wipe down all your kitchen surfaces! Once you’ve cleaned your kitchen, you’ll want to wipe down all of your surfaces. This will help keep your kitchen clean, and it will keep it from feeling too cluttered. 

You can clean your kitchen surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, and you should probably do this at least once a week. You can also clean specific parts of your kitchen, such as the stove and microwave, with specific cleaners


Once you’ve wiped down all your kitchen surfaces, you can proudly say that your kitchen is clean once again!

Now that you’ve read this article, you know everything you need to know about the kitchen deep cleaning checklist. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a clean and tidy kitchen in no time at all.