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How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives

how to dispose a knife

Have trouble disposing of your kitchen knives? Put them in the recycling instead of the trash! The following article will help you deal with your sharp situation.

No matter how high-quality a kitchen knife is, it will not last forever. You should know one thing about getting rid of old knives: you can’t just put them in the trash. There are options available to you, fortunately. The following are the five recommended methods for disposing of kitchen knives safely that we have laid out in this article.

Is it okay to throw away old kitchen knives?

The police recommend putting old knives into trash bins (usually wheelie bins or non-recyclable sections), and it is legal. Nevertheless, you must ensure that you dispose of your old knives safely before putting them in a bin.

Refuse collectors no longer handle waste directly because most waste collections are automated. The bins are usually loaded onto empty machines and then sorted and disposed of by other machines. Consequently, a knife or blade inside a bin bag poses a lot less risk of cutting or injuring someone than it used to. If someone handles the bag directly containing your knives, it is better to be safe than sorry.

How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives [Easy Ways]

If you simply throw away knives, you could cause harm to sanitation workers — even dull knives. Consider the following alternative before you learn how to throw your knife away safely:

Donate your knives

Maybe you just need a new knife because your old one is damaged. The chip could be fixed by someone who has the means or by you if you are not willing to fix it. You may find someone else who is glad to have your old knife, even if you find it unusable by your standards. Look for charitable organizations like the local soup kitchen, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army that would appreciate it, or donate it to a friend who set up his or her first kitchen.

Pro Tip: Ensure they will accept this type of donation before you go through the trouble of traveling.

Scrap metal recycling centers can be used to recycle old knives

Recycling old knives and utility blades when disposing of them is also acceptable. Although you should put these sharp objects out on the curb every week, they cannot be recycled. Scrap metal recycling centers should be used to recycle knives.

You can find out if there is a scrap metal recycling center near you by contacting your county or city government or visiting their websites. Find a knife recycling location near you by searching online for “knife recycling near me”. Before you recycle knives, don’t put them in a plastic bag because they can injure yourself and others. Wrap the blades in the paper (to prevent personal injury and injury to others). Put them in a box (newspaper works well).

Knives no longer needed can be thrown away

The best solution may be to throw away a knife in some cases. In some cases, a damaged knife cannot be used safely or effectively and is not located near a scrap metal recycling center.

The safety of knives should be your top priority if you need to throw them away. Plastic bags can easily be sliced through by knives that have very sharp blades. Those who handle knives inside plastic bags are potentially at risk of severe injuries. Whenever you throw away knives in the trash, follow these steps carefully to minimize the risk of injury.

  • Newspaper or large sheets of paper can be used to wrap knife blades individually. To prevent the blades from sliding off, tape the paper around each one.
  • Use a cardboard box to cut out a long, flat section at least twice the length of the longest knife you intend to discard. The knives will not shift if the cardboard is folded over them and taped securely with packing tape or duct tape.
  • Wrap the knives in a plastic bag and place them inside a large cardboard box. Tape the box shut.

Replacing your knives

We recommend buying quality, sharp and robust knives when the time comes to replace your knives, so they can serve you for decades to come. You are guaranteed a high-quality kitchen knife for a lifetime by purchasing one of our knives.

Sell the Kinves for Some Money

You can also sell your kitchen knives if you want to make some money. Listed knives with pictures always perform better, so don’t forget to include them in the listing on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, etc. Don’t be afraid, to be honest about the knives’ condition as well.

If you plan to sell the knives to someone else as scrap metal, you can list them even if they’re broken or chipped. The best course of action is to be honest, no matter what. It is a good idea to check your local knife-selling laws if you intend to sell your knives this way. Knives, for instance, can be shipped via USPS in the United States due to relatively lax regulations. Following regulations in other countries (such as the United Kingdom) is much more difficult.

Drop your Knives at the Police Station

If you are not using your knives anymore, you can give them to your local police station for disposal. Consider this option if you are worried about them getting into the wrong hands.

Drop-offs of kitchen knives should be accepted at your local station. You might be able to dispose of your old knives responsibly if your area has a “knife amnesty” bin. Other countries and states have adopted this initiative, but it’s most common in the United Kingdom.

Can you recycle kitchen knives?

Are you concerned about the environment? Rather than throwing away old kitchen utensils, you might consider recycling them.

It might be necessary to do a bit of research if you want to recycle your kitchen knives since they cannot simply be thrown in a curbside recycling container. You can find the nearest scrap metal recycling facility or transfer station online. Several town dumps or city transfer stations recycle scrap metal, so you can also check your city, town, or state website.

You shouldn’t dump a pile of knives at the dump. The knives need to be wrapped in newspaper and cardboard before they go to the recycling center.

Do charity shops take kitchen knives?

Charity shops have different policies depending on the type of knife they accept. The recycling center may accept a set of knives if they are safely resellable, such as in a carry case or display case.

Many charities don’t accept knives to ensure the safety of their staff and prevent underage people from potentially purchasing them. It may defeat the purpose of donating or turning up items a charity shop will not be able to sell if you just turn up or donate items they won’t be able to sell.

It is suggested that you contact a charity shop beforehand before buying from their website. A photo of your knives may be easier to email beforehand so they can decide whether or not they’re interested. Don’t forget to check with your local and independent shops before making a donation if they don’t follow a chain policy.


How can we dispose of kitchen knives in the UK?

Your general waste bin is a great place to put kitchen knives. A newspaper or card should be used to wrap the blade. It will rather be burned for energy at an energy recovery plant in Staffordshire rather than thrown in a landfill.

Can you put knives in the garbage?

Even if knives seem to be too dull to cut someone, you shouldn’t dispose of them in the garbage. The plastic bag could easily be cut when knives are loose in the trash and are carried out on garbage day.

Final Words

Using advanced waste collection technologies, we can throw away old kitchen and chef’s knives, making disposing of them easier than many think. To ensure a trouble-free journey when you give your knives a new home, follow the above steps if you wish to reuse or recycle them.

We’ve seen that old kitchen knives can be disposed of in many ways. Your old knives will live their lives in whatever manner you choose; it all depends on what you want to achieve. Moreover, if you `want to ask something, then you can comment below. Our team is ready to solve all your queries. Thank You!