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9 Best Meat Slicers For Everyday Use- 2024 Reviews

best meat slicer
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Want to have a perfect-looking sandwich? You can prepare a treat for yourself at home with little effort. To slice the meat you can surely use a knife but it won’t give consistent results. The thickness of the meat pieces won’t be the same. To make a large number of equal thickness meat pieces use a meat slicer. They are both manual and electric ones. You can buy anyone which pleases your taste and meets your requirement. A general perception is that meat slicers belong to a butcher’s shop but this is not all true. If you have a big family who loves to eat meat you should too own one. 

With the perfect slice pieces of meat, you can achieve the desired taste in your food. It makes the food look more presentable and appetizing. The way you cut your meat affects the taste of your food drastically. Most people are not aware of this fact and thus fail to achieve the best results with homemade sandwiches. You won’t have to go out to grab a yummy sandwich anymore. That’s cause you know the technique of getting the perfect slice of meat for your sandwich. Meat slicers are highly useful kitchen appliances that can slice your meat in minutes. Thus you will have a full platter of perfectly sliced meat ready to cook.  This will save you a lot of money cause a meat slice is quite expensive. You can vary the thickness of your meat slice according to your taste. A meat Slicer comes with various features that prove useful for adjusting the thickness according to desire. Meat slicers for domestic use are designed to keep individual needs in view. They are easy to manage and clean. They will make the cooking process a lot more fun for you. 

By now you will be interested to know what options are available out in the market. What’s the price range and durability? To make the process easier for you we have presented this well-researched article that contains all the best picks. The article lists all the key details of the listed products. We aim to provide you with the best thus the products are picked based on affordability, durability, and performance. Thus you can just go through this article to know the right product for you. 

Next is the list of best meat slicers available on market.

Table of Contents

Anescra 200w Electric Deli Food Slicer

Anescra offers one of its stainless steel meat slicers with sharp blades. This electric Slicer is driven by 200 Watts of Power. This high power enables the unit to slice up any piece of meat. Not just meat you can use this unit for slicing your bread, cheese, and vegetables too. Cooking would be more fun and exciting when all the ingredients are ready in a short time. Anescra has used the highest quality blades so you get the desired high-quality results. This unit has 2 stainless steel blades. The two different blades serrated and nonserrated are used for cutting cooked and raw food separately so cross-infection can be prevented. 


The built-in Thickness control helps to adjust up to 3 to 4 inches. What’s this adjustment for? To provide you with the required thickness. Depending on your taste and recipe you can adjust the thickness of your food. The body of this unit is made using solid cast aluminum so it lasts for a pretty long period. Due to its quality built this unit can take a lot of pressure. Due to its sleek and elegant design this unit will fit well with your countertop. All the parts of this meat slicer are separable so you won’t have any issues during cleaning.

  • Thickness Control Dial
  •  Two 7. 5’’ Stainless Steel Blade
  • Removable Food Carriage

  •  Nifty Space-Saving Design

No complex mechanism for operating the unit. Just a simple on-off button helps to operate the unit. The suction feet hold the unit firmly in one place so you won’t create any mess on your countertop.  For the price, this unit is a great hit. It does the job efficiently and saves you a lot of time.


  • High quality cast aluminum body bears the pressure efficiently 
  • Separable accessories for easy cleaning 
  • Nonslip suction feet for safe use
  • Thickness control dial


  • Small tray size

Nesco, Stainless Steel Food Slicer

If you want to do some heavy meat cutting at home then NESCO 8.7 inch stainless steel blade meat slicer is what you should opt for. NESCO has combined elegant design and exceptional performance in one product. You can slice any food article using these strong blades. The unit has a quality 180-watt gear motor so you don’t have to compromise on performance. Slicing the right Thickness of meat is the main job of a meat slicer. With the thickness adjusting knob, you can adjust the thickness of your meat from anywhere between paper-thin to 9 or 16 inches thick. 


The hard serrated blade on the unit can handle any sort of food very well. The recessed power switch feature ensures better safety by preventing any accidental power on. Moreover, it’s protected from food or debris so it won’t get damaged. The slicing guard secures the food at a place so you can easily slice it up. This will help you to safely slice up all your food. Don’t want to invest lots of time cleaning? With a tab, the food carriage can be separated quickly from the unit and then cleaned. The sliding carriage is made up of metal so you can easily clean it up in hot boiling water. The markings on the thickness dial are quite visible and so it will be easy to use even for the elderly.

  • Thickness Control Dial

  • Non-Slip Feet

  • Heavy Duty Slicing Guard

  • 8.7″ Serrated Blade

  • Dual safety feature

This unit is fairly small and lightweight so you can easily use it for domestic purposes. Due to its sleek design, it won’t be an issue to store the unit when not needed.


  • 8.7-inch stainless steel blades 
  • Wide range of thickness adjustment
  • Lightweight convenient to store in a small space 
  • Powerful motor for efficient performance


  • Cuts slowly

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slice

Your sink is for sure the most used part of your kitchen. Why not invest in one that offers maximum comfort and quality? Kohler’s prolific stainless steel kitchen sink comes with accessories that help it convert it into a workstation for use. Due to the stainless steel built the sink offers a stylish look and offers a great space to complete your kitchen tasks. The sink has a 10-inch deep bowl which will be efficient enough for storing large cooking pots and dishes. Due to its size, the sink functions as a great workstation when chopping or mixing.


The sink comes with 5 main accessories. It includes a colander, a soap bin, two multi-purpose grates, and a wooden cutting board. The two racks are really helpful for drying up the dishes once they are clean. The racks are strong enough to support the dishes and pots and won’t crack or bent due to their weight. The wooden cutting board is made using high-quality wood so it will last for a long and will be useful for cutting up all the vegetables and fruits. The sink accessories help keep the mess away from the countertop.

  • Stainless Steel Blade

  • Easy To Use

  • Easily release the food carriage

  • Adjustable Thickness Dial

  • compact design

The nonslip feet hold the unit firmly and motionless on the countertop. Cleaning the unit is super easy although for the recess areas you might need a small tool. After you are done cleaning the blades lubricate the gears before reinstalling the blades so you can enjoy the smooth effortless performance for a long.


  • The black aluminum body has a durable life 
  • Easy to clean all the parts 
  • A smaller footprint saves a lot of space 
  • The bearable motor noise level


  • Replacement blade not available

Beswood - Chromium Plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

Meat Slicer blades are made from metal thus they can corrode after time and you will have to find a replacement. BESWOOD has designed special chromium-plated carbon steel blades that can protect from corrosion. Thus your blades will have a long performance life and you won’t have to invest soon to buy new ones. These blades are pretty sharp and no need to sharpen them frequently. You can precisely slice any food item with these blades. The powerful blades will provide you with the results you want.

This unit is fit for both commercial and residential use. It has a 240-watt motor that can help you do all sorts of heavy cutting in no time. Cleaning the tiny spaces can be pretty hard so the unit comes with a cleaning tool that helps to properly clean all the parts. The package also includes a food machine oil that keeps all the parts lubricated. To use the machine efficiently follow the instruction manual. It lists all the details of what needs to be done with the parts.

  • Double Illuminated ON/OFF Switch
  • USA standard approved
  • Premium Chromium-plated Steel Blade
  • Skidproof Rubber Feet

If you are in search of an occasional meat slicer then this product will be highly useful. It’s a well-performing unit that suits the budget. This unit is quite big and heavy and weighs a lot. It has a very sharp blade that cuts very thin slices of meat. This unit works quietly so you can use it at home without disturbing the family members. The carriage slide rail is under the slicer so it remains clean. The plate in the center of the knife can be easily removed.


  • Sharp cutting blade provides quick results
  • Noise-free operation
  • Comes with a lubricating oil
  • Both for commercial and residential use


  • Heavy unit hard to clean

Kitchener Electric 9-Inch Stainless Steel Meat Slicer

Slicing meat is a hard job. Stinking hands, messy countertop, uneven slices. But this is not the case anymore. Enjoy the perfectly sliced meat slice for your sandwich using a meat slicer. The 9-inch serrated blade cuts through any sort of meat quickly in no time. Be it raw or cooked or frozen you can cut any sort of meat in minutes. The unit has a premium aluminum housing that can withstand pressure and lasts for long making it an ideal investment. Heavy units are a big no-no for many cause they are hard to clean, carry and store so what should be done for these buyers. They can opt for smaller meat slicers like this one. This product only weighs 14.6 pounds. This lightweight and small meat slicer can be easily stored when not needed.

  • premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum
  • Adjustable Thickness Control Knob
  • Light Weight
  • Hassle Free Cleaning

This meat slicer is a great unit for daily use. It can be all sorts of food ranging from vegetables, fruits, and cheese to meat. Serrated and bread blades are also available so you can replace them as per need. With a 150 watt motor, this meat slicer will work efficiently for you. This commercial unit is made from safe-grade food plastic. The food pusher teeth provide greater safety. The suction feet provide sturdiness during use and are thus great for keeping the unit firm on the countertop. Prefer using eye and hand protection during operation. The stainless steel food carriage can be easily removed while cooking. Disassembling the unit is quite easy and you don’t need any special tools for that. The Slicer is great for fulfilling all your needs.


  • Just weighs 14.6 pounds convenient to carry around
  • Easy to disassemble 
  • Comes with a food pusher for better safety 
  • Can work with both serrated and bread blades


  • Unscrewing the blades is tiring

Kws Ms-10ns Premium Commercial Meat Slice

This is a premium meat slicer great for commercial use. This unit has a powerful 320-watt motor. The 10-inch stainless steel blades are great for slicing meat at a Café, home, or for catering. The body of the unit is made from quality aluminum which is unlikely to corrode. Some meat Slicing blades in the market get easily oxidized and thus blunt out. In those units, you need to spend often on the replacement cost. The blades however on the KWS meat Slicing unit are made from 304 Stainless steel and are anti-rust and firm. They are thus more durable. The unit offers several slice adjustments. It can cut food from paper-thin to 0.4 inches thick.

  • Built- In Sharpener
  • Waterproof On-Off Switch
  • Skid Proof Rubber Feet
  • Removable Product Tray Assmebly

One unique feature of the KWS meat slicer is that it has a built-in blade sharpener. Just push the button back and forth for a second and you will get a sharp blade for slicing your meat. The inbuilt sharpener ensures the razor is always sharp and ready to slice all the meat. The skid-proof rubber feet make the unit more sturdy. The on-off switch and relays are built separately so damage to both at the same time can be prevented. The product tray can be easily removed for the purpose of cleaning. The 0.4 hp motor and the power transformer deliver the necessary power. The transformer prevents any electrical leakage or short circuit. The KWS pure copper motor gives an ideal blend of durability and performance. This is however a heavy unit and weighs up to 37 pounds.


  • Heavy-duty unit ideal for commercial use 
  • Has a built-in blade sharpener 
  • Anti-rust and durable blades 
  • Transformer for avoiding the electric leakage


  • Blade guard touches the blade slightly

Kws Ms-10xt

KWS offers a powerful unit with Teflon blades. This helps to slice up all your food quickly so your guests won’t have to wait long for the meal. This meat slicer with an aluminum alloy base has a red-colored body. With the 320-watt motor, the unit is powerful enough to cut through any sort of meat whether raw or cooked. With weak blades, it becomes hard to cut frozen food but this is not an issue when you have KWS blades. The cutting thickness can be adjusted up to 0.4 inches. With such a diverse slice of Thickness, you can cater to the needs of all your family members. If you go to the market to buy meat slices for sandwiches you already know how costly it is. Having a meat Slicing unit cuts down the cost and makes it more healthy and tasty.

  • 10” Premium Stainless Steel Coated with Teflon Blade
  • More Fruits to Enjoy than Your Handheld Juicer
  • Easy Clean
  •  Thickness Adjustment Control

It’s easy to operate unit designed for cutting any sort of food whether bread, meat, or vegetable. Make sure you wear gloves while working with sharp blades.


  • Durable Teflon blades 
  • Works well with frozen meat
  • Cuts meat slices precisely and quickly 
  • Powerful 320 Watts motor


  • Splatters juice all over


Chef’sChoice electric meat slicer is a premium-looking unit that will be a great addition to your kitchen space for sure. This great unit has a versatile rugged construction. Tilted Food Carriage helps to efficiently slice up the food without much effort. The Multipurpose blade can perform all the tasks in your kitchen. The powerful cool-running motor can work continuously for a long. Large food Carriage means you can slice up extra-large roasts, ham, and other foods.

  • Extracts The Most Juice Possible
  • Reliable, smooth, gear drive operation
  • Multi-purpose stainless steel blade
  • Versatile, rugged construction
  • High Torque Motor

All the parts like the food Carriage, the food pusher, and the blade can be easily removed for a thorough cleaning. This way you can carefully clean the unit and make sure no meat is stuck in the small nicks. When you are not using the unit a special button holds the food carriage in a lock position. The unit is not too big so it won’t consume a lot of your space. If you have a small kitchen space you can surely opt for this unit. This will save you room for other appliances. With this Slicer, you can slice your vegetables at home and thus prepare a healthy meal for your family days at home. This reduces the cooking time significantly.


  • A versatile rugged construction makes the unit look cool 
  • Separable blades, food Carriage, and food pusher for thorough cleaning 
  • The small compact unit occupies a small kitchen space 
  • A special button to lock food Carriage in place


  • The tray catches slices

OSTBA- Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

Looking for a meat slicer with safety features so the kids at your home are not in danger. OSTBA offers a quality meat Slicing unit with a variety of high-end features. With the child protection feature, you need to press two buttons at a time to turn on the slicer. While Slicing meat we have to put pressure on the unit and it’s important to stabilize the unit at a spot so it can do the job efficiently. The suction feet help to do this job. They firmly hold the unit in a place so you won’t have to hold it. This prevents any mess on the counter and meat is sliced evenly. The food pusher is BPA Free so you have a healthy meal ready for cooking. It holds the meat so the slicer can cut it evenly.

  • Child Lock Protection

  • Adjustable Thickness Meat Slicer

  • Removable Slide-rod Extension

  • Various Thickness Knob

  • Removable Slide-rod Extension


This meat slicer has a compact design so you can easily place it on your countertop. This is a highly convenient unit for everyday use. Using the thickness adjustment knob you can adjust the thickness of the meat slices up to 15 mm. All the accessories are detachable so you can comfortably clean the unit. This saves you a lot of time cause all the spaces are visible and meat can be easily picked out from deep pockets. The removable ring guard prevents dust build-up on your cutting surface. The 7. 5-inch stainless steel serrated blades help to cut through the food quickly. With a high yield slicing power, you will always have a sharp cut for slicing up your meat. Different blades according to need can be ordered from the store. 


  • All accessories can be detached for thorough cleaning 
  • Can provide thick meat slices up to 15 mm
  • Removable guard ring to prevent dust build-up on the blades 
  • High-performance motor


  • A little noisy

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Meat Slicers

Meat slicers are really helpful units cause they can be used for slicing up not only meat but vegetables, bread, and fruits too. This unit makes cooking more fun and quick. How to pick the right unit for your home? There are many varieties of meat slicers on market. To pick the right one for your kitchen keep the following key features in view.

Blade Size

The length of the blade varies from unit to unit. The right blade size depends on which type of meat you often use. If you like to have big pieces of meat then go for large blades. For bread and beef medium blades will be okay. The sharpness and shape of the edges of the blade are other factors you will have to consider. The serrated edges help to cut through difficult surfaces quickly. A sharp blade makes the job quick. Sharp blades are ideal when cutting frozen meat.

Cleaning Ease

The units that are easy to disassemble can be cleaned easily. Meat often tends to get stuck in small spaces so after fully disassembling the unit you can take out that piece of meat. When the accessories can’t be removed the cleaning process will become a lot hectic for you. Opt for a small-sized unit that you can easily handle so you will have comfort while cleaning it.

Safety Features

To use a unit with sharp blades at home you want to be sure that you won’t hurt the family members. The safety lock prevents any accidental injury to the kids. Thus do look for the safety features before making a purchase.

Replacement Blades

The blades can get blunt after use so make sure it’s easy to find the replacement blades. Some blades can get oxidized and rust so makes sure the blades are reliable and will do the job efficiently. Buy quality blades cause you will have to bear through slow meat slicing otherwise.

FAQs About The Best Meat Slicer

Meat slicers are not dishwasher safe. You need to clean them by hand. The meat tends to get stuck in tiny spaces during slicing. Some units come with a cleaning tool that helps pick out that meat. Then use a soapy solution to wash the unit thoroughly. Disassemble all the accessories and then wash them this will make the task a lot easier for you.

The meat slicer blades are made of stainless steel or Teflon. Quality blades are better able to bear the stress and don’t rust after a few uses. The blades are sharp enough to cut through any food quickly. The body too is made from aluminum so it can bear the pressure very well.

If you have an electric meat slicer you won’t have to put in any force. Just place the piece of meat on the plate and press the switch. The food will be sliced according to the thickness setting. A Thickness knob is present on the unit so you can adjust the thickness of the slice according to your taste. A food Carriage collects all the slices. You don’t have to touch the meat as the food pusher helps to push it forward. This ensures better safety and lowers the chances of damage.

Small compact-sized meat slicers are easily available for domestic use that doesn’t occupy much of the counter space and are easy to manage and operate. With a compact unit, you not only have much more space but also it will be easier to clean it.