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7 Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans with Buying Guide 2024

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Cooking food involves the use of a variety of spices, oil, herbs, and heat from the stove. In this scenario, it is important to keep such a space ventilated. Kitchen exhaust fans help ventilate the cooking spaces. They have a number of blades which are run using an electric motor. You need to turn on the motor electric supply switch whenever the room feels humid and hot. The latest kitchen exhaust fans have a thermostat feature that turns on the motor automatically when the temperature reaches a certain point. Fresh air inflow helps keep the kitchen temperature in control. All the smell from the use of different spices also gets out of the kitchen when using an exhaust fan.


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Types of Kitchen Exhaust Fan

There are two main types of kitchen exhaust fans based on their mechanism of function

Ducted kitchen Exhaust Fans

This sort of exhaust fan pushes the humid air out of your kitchen to the exterior of their home so fresh air can flow in. They are connected to the exterior using a duct.

Ductless Kitchen Exhaust Fans

These exhaust fans have charcoal that removes the moisture, unwanted smell, and heat from the air. The air from your kitchen is filtered and then released back. This system is not as effective as the Ducted one. They can help with the odor but steam would still be trapped inside the kitchen. 

Pros of Kitchen Exhaust Fan

This list enlists the reasons why you should own a kitchen exhaust fan. 


  • These fans remove excess oily and greasy kitchen air to protect the roof and ceiling from damage. 
  • They help improve kitchen air quality. 
  • They remove hot air so cooler air can flow in making the kitchen temperature better
  • They help remove all the humidity so mold won’t build up inside your kitchen.

7 Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans

You want to pick the best kitchen exhaust fan for your kitchen right? But how to do so when the variety is unlimited. What are the features that the best kitchen exhaust fan should have? What is the average cost? What variety of features is available? You need to have all this basic information about a kitchen exhaust fan to pick the right one for your use. We have prepared the list of best kitchen exhaust fans with buying guide to help you out. The list contains the most durable and budget-friendly kitchen exhaust fans that have been purchased and reviewed by many.

Next is our handpicked list of products along with the details of unique features they offer.

Maxx Air

Maxx Air has been manufacturing fans since 1948. You will find a wide variety of options available with them. Amazing coverage and use of high-quality material is the highlighting feature of their products. This 14 Inch powerful exhaust fan is useful for ventilation in industries, garages, barns, or even in your kitchen. Industrial air contains hazardous fumes that need to be removed from the air otherwise they will damage the worker’s lungs. This powerful exhaust fan can do this job. Due to its powerful motor, it can effectively remove the dust and humidity from your kitchen. 

The exhaust fan body is made of galvanized steel so it will be easier to clean. Galvanized steel is resistant to rust so your unit will look just like new even after a long. Maxx Air’s best kitchen exhaust fan body has pre-drilled holes so anyone can easily mount the fan in their kitchen without taking any extra help. Flange edges are rolled to ensure customer safety as they are installing the unit. The unit includes a fan and integrated shutters too. The exhaust fan blades are 14 inches long. These shutters automatically open up whenever the unit is powered on. 

The shutters automatically close whenever the unit is not in use. This indoor use unit removes all the unwanted odor, grease, and humidity from your kitchen. This unit has a fully enclosed, thermally protected energy-efficient motor. The use of a powerful motor makes this unit able to filter out the humid air from the kitchen efficiently. The unit has a safety grille for easy installation and ease of handling. If you have a bigger size kitchen then getting this industrial size unit will be more suitable for you. Similarly, if you have a small kitchen buy you tend to do frequent cooking then owning an industrial size unit is important for you.

  • Multi Use Ventilation 
  • Easy to install
  • Light weight
  • Heavy-Duty Exhaust Fan

Maxx Air offers a 1-year product warranty. The shutters of the unit open and close automatically. The unit doesn’t come with an electrical plug. The unit needs to be connected to the electrical system of the house. This traditional-style unit weighs 27 pounds. Put this powerful unit in your kitchen and get rid of the unpleasant odors. The unit operates on 120 Volts. Ventamatic has been delivering quality products for about 60 years and it can be a great choice for your home.


  • Galvanized steel rust-resistant built
  • One year warranty 
  • The automatic shutter on and off
  • Powerful Industrial use motor


  • Self-installation can be tricky

Bionaire Window Fan

Kitchen odors can be unbearable at times. To keep your kitchen air clean a kitchen exhaust fan will be useful. Bionaire has designed a window fan to help with this job. This advanced unit has a thermostat function so that it will normally start functioning whenever the kitchen temperature rises above a certain level. This helps regulate the kitchen temperature automatically. This useful feature makes it easy to use for the elderly who might forget to turn on the electric motor switch for ventilation after cooking. 

Bionaire Window Fan draws in cool air and expels the humid and unpleasant air from the kitchen. This helps adjust the kitchen temperature to an ideal level and removes all the moisture that can cause mold growth. With three fan speed features, you can adjust the ventilation rate according to your need. If you are using a kitchen exhaust in winter then you might need a slower fan speed. Bionaire has designed this unit using all the latest technology. The remote control feature helps you keep the kitchen temperature in control while sitting in the living room. 

The LCD display gives you an exact idea of the fan current and you can adjust it then according to the current needs. It can fit most types of windows. An adjustable extender screen helps the unit to fit into different designs of windows. This high-performance window kitchen exhaust fan has two blades so it can effectively remove all the humid and greasy air from a kitchen. The LCD screen also displays the room temperature and shows the selected temperature too. It’s up to the customer to either operate the unit manually or automatically.

Don’t want any hassle of assembling parts together? Here’s the right product for you. Bionaire kitchen exhaust fan comes pre-assembled ready to use so you can enjoy fresh kitchen air right from the day the product arrives. No matter how best kitchen exhaust fan you have all units can become damaged during use. To make it easy for the customers Bionaire offers a 5-year long warranty on this product so you can use it and enjoy fresh kitchen air without panicking about any repair cost. The digital led display of the unit is even visible at night so you can easily control it from far.

  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Electrically Reversible Airflow
  • 5-year Warranty Against Defects
  • Water Resistant Motors


  • Digital fan current display 
  • Remote control feature 
  • The thermostat feature automatically turns on or off the unit 
  • Extender screen enable unit installation in different types of windows


  • Plastic built difficult to clean

Hon&Guan 4

Hon&Guan believe that healthy air is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. The kitchen is an important part of your home. It is the place where the magic happens and delicious meals for the whole family are cooked. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen are important for the health of the family. Ventilation is one part of this maintenance. This helps remove the greasy air from your kitchen in exchange for fresh air. This exhaust fan is wall-mounted and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

Use the exhaust fan the whole day long without any worries of overheating. Low watt motor makes continuous operation possible. The fan is made using quality plastic so it won’t get deformed by slight pressure. The use of quality materials makes the unit last for a considerably long time. Low power consumption saves a lot on electricity bills. This eco-friendly unit can effectively perform the job of making your kitchen odor-free. The built-in copper motor is thermally protected so you can use it all day without fearing any damage.

This unit will be a great choice to keep your kitchen, bedroom, or toilet ventilated. A simple installation process enables the buyer to self-install the unit. Low noise functioning is a great feature when you are planning to install an exhaust fan in your kitchen. Noisy units can be a cause of headaches and irritation. Enjoy healthier air quality with a simple wall mounting unit. Maintenance is a must for all types of units. It prolongs the life of a unit. The issue is the frequent need for maintenance. As maintenance is a time taking process you might not be happy with a unit that’s always in need of maintenance after a few days of use. This minimal maintenance unit is the right choice for small spaces.

  • Quality ABS plastic material
  • IPX2 waterproof level
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 2100 RPM
  • Airflow: 95m3/h

Electric motors can get damaged when exposed to water. Hon&Guan has IPX2 waterproof level so the water drops won’t reach the fan motor. When looking for the best kitchen exhaust fan weight is an important factor. This unit weighs only 1.54 pounds and thus will be easy to handle during maintenance. The 4-inch duct expels the kitchen to the exterior. This single unit can be a perfect choice for ventilating the whole house. It can work in any room of your house.


  • Thermally protected motor
  • Self-installation possible
  • ABS plastic quality extractor fan
  • Low electric power consumption



  • Not ideal for green leafy vegetables

Panasonic FV-30VQ3

Panasonic offers low-power-consuming units that can work as great as the other ones. They can provide larger volumes of ventilation at a lower power rate. Less power consumption means fewer chances of the unit getting overheated. Overheating is the main cause of damage to the exhaust fan motors. Having a low-power motor will make the unit last longer and save you the repair costs. These Panasonic exhaust fans are designed for light commercial use so you can easily use them in a small shop too. This powerful ventilating unit can move 290 cfm of air.

This quality exhaust fan for the kitchen will improve your air quality by removing humidity, Mildew, odor, and other pollutants from the room. Fresher and healthier air so you can enjoy the cooking process. This exhaust fan is designed for use with 6-inch ducts. The bar system is expandable up to 24 inches so the unit can easily for any space. This ENERGY STAR Certified unit will make your kitchen air cleaner and you can position the fan wherever you want. Ventilation fans deliver high-efficiency performance in removing the impurities from your kitchen air while operating at a barely audible level.

This exhaust fan has an enclosed condenser motor. The permanently lubricated motors are able to function along with the same level of efficacy. High-quality components are able to bear the load effectively and last for a considerably long time. Built-in damper prevents backdraft meaning it prevents the outside air from coming in through the fan. Galvanized steel body with rust-proof pain will look just like new even after years of use. The condenser motor operates at a low temperature and thus increases the life of the motor and bearings.

  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • ECM-motored fan
  • Built-in Damper to prevent back draft
  • Heavy-GaugeZinc Galvanized Steel

Panasonic offers 3 Year long warranty for its customers so they can enjoy a ventilated kitchen without any worries about the repair cost. This 3 Year warranty is for all the parts. The DC motor warranty lasts for up to 6 years from the date of purchase. This unit is designed for indoor use and can be used in other rooms apart from your kitchen too. Due to its low noise operation, this unit will be useful for operation in all parts of the home. Run the condenser motor continuously for a long without any fear of overheating or damage.


  • Uses less energy
  • Hanger bar system expandable up to 24 inches
  • 3 year-long unit warranty
  • Low temperature operating condenser motor


  • Wiring control box awkward location

iPower Shutter Exhaust Fan

The automatic shutters of this exhaust fan can help replace your ac unit by cooling up your kitchen, garage, or bathroom. The 12 Inch long fan can effectively ventilate the air in different parts of your house. This unit can be easily added to a window or any other space available. Adding a thermostat to the unit helps optimize the cooling process. The thermostat helps accurately monitor the room temperature and thus maintain it within ideal levels by turning on the exhaust fan whenever the temperature rises. The unit not only effectively cools your kitchen but also removes the grease and humidity from the room.

This industrial grade unit will be useful for effective ventilation for a long time. The shutter fan is made using aluminum shutters and fans which are rust-resistant. This reduces the need for maintenance and prolongs the life of the unit. Quality material ensures the unit is able to do its job effectively and last long. IPower exhaust fans have automatic shutters that hinder the mosquitos from entering the room. In the natural state, the shutters are fully closed so no flying insects can get entry into the room. This unit will be effective for removing odor and humidity from commercial as well as residential buildings.

Automatic gravity shutters are open and close in relation to the operation of the unit. The motor is completely enclosed, permanently lubricated, and Thermally protected. A large fan blade removes the hot air in a lesser period of time and adjusts the room temperature to the desired level. This unit comes fully pre-assembled ready for use. The only connections which need to be done are the electrical hardwiring. A safety grille provided on the front of the blades protects from any hazard. This feature helps the buyer from accidental damage to himself by touching the sharp blades.

  • Automatic Gravity Shutters
  • Safety Grille and Large Fan Blade
  • Bare Leads For Custom Application
  • Rotating Speed: 1620 RPM

The unit operates fully in silence so you can enjoy your cooking process without any added background noise. These units are super easy to install and can move a considerable amount of air out of the room in no time. This kitchen exhaust fan is in the budget-friendly range so you can purchase it for different rooms in your house. A ball-bearing type motor can better reduce friction and has a longer service life. The unit operates on 115 Volts and so is suitable for use in the home.


  • Automatic gravity shutters
  • Aluminum anti-rust body
  • A fully closed shutter keep flying insects outside
  • Fit for industrial use


  • Motor heats up after few hours of continuous use

Broan-Nutone - Commercial Exhaust

The best kitchen exhaust fan should have enough capacity to keep the room well ventilated at all times. Broan-Nutone has designed this high capacity 2.3 Sones unit for use in your office as well as your home. The fan operates on two blower wheels at 434 CFM and 120 volts for quality performance. Heavy-duty metal duct connector provides long-lasting use. The fan can duct either horizontally or vertically or the cam is connected to a separate adapter for the convenience of the buyer. Install this fan on the ceiling or on the wall however it suits your needs.

Broan-Nutone permanently lubricated motor can function continuously for long without any noise. The noise-free operation makes the unit a great choice for use in residential places. With its heavy-duty motor and high capacity fan the unit provides an ideal solution for ventilating your kitchen. Low vibration and low profile units work quite well without coming into notice. Variable speed control enables the buyer to adjust the fan speed according to the room size and weather. In winter lower fan speed is required to expel the heat.

  • 2 impact-Resistant Centrifugal Blower Wheels
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Quiet automatic backdraft dampers
  • Resilient anti-vibration mounts lemon, etc

Backdraft dampers prevent the outside air from flowing back into the house. The stylish design enables the unit to blend with any background. Metal built unit is covered by a white enamel painting. The unit is designed for continuous operation so it will maintain the temperature of your kitchen and air quality at all times. 8- position mounting brackets makes the installation process easy. The mounting brackets provide greater adaptability to different mounting requirements. Broan-Nutone high capacity exhaust fan ensures powerful ventilation in your kitchen.


  • Operates on two blower wheels for powerful ventilation
  • Works quietly with little to no vibration
  • Can be either Ducted horizontally or vertically
  • Painted white enamel metal finish for the stylish look


  • Installation can be complex

Hauslane - Chef Series 30"

Hauslane stainless steel under cabinet range hood can provide 3-way venting. The unit is designed for heavy-duty cooking kitchens. Led lights are available in 4 different colors to match the design of your kitchen. They are easily available at the local hardware store. Hauslane kitchen hood maintains the air quality and keeps your whole family healthy. Due to high suction power, the unit can meet any cooking needs. Enjoy your steak meals without having to shut off the steam detector again and again. The powerful motors with cutting-edge technology maintain the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen.

Maintenance becomes easy with dishwasher-safe Baffle Filters. Just throw your dirty filters into the dishwasher and come back after some time to get the new squeaky clean filters back. The deep grooves on these filters help collect the grease effectively. You no longer need to worry about grease dripping in your kitchen once you own a Hauslane kitchen exhaust hood. Studies have revealed that cooking fumes can contain carcinogens which might be a source of lung cancer. Install the Hauslane hood to keep these carcinogens away from your kitchen.

  • Changeable GU10 LED Lights
  • Three-Way Venting System
  • Strong suction power for heavy-duty cooking
  • Dishwasher-Safe Baffle Filters

The hood’s functioning can be customized through 6-speed settings. This helps set suction and noise levels according to the needs of the kitchen. Touch Screen display design makes it easy to operate the unit. Automatic delay shutoff makes daily use simple. To save your money you can connect this hood to already present ductwork. Choose one from the 3 venting options that you feel will fit your current ductwork. This sleek stainless steel-built hood will be a great addition to your new kitchen. A superior functioning unit with a contemporary design will make your kitchen look more elegant.


  • 3 venting systems to choose from
  • Automatic delay shutoff
  • 6-speed settings
  • Stainless steel sleek design


  • High noise level

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan

When planning to buy the best kitchen exhaust fan you must keep some key features in mind. These features help you pick the right unit for your kitchen. We have listed the important features next so you can conveniently pick the right unit for your use.

Motor Capacity

The ventilation process involves expelling the heated indoor air so fresh air from outside can flow in. The motor should have enough capacity to expel all the air from your kitchen. The right motor size will depend on the size of your kitchen and how often do you cook. As cooking is a long process so the motor should be able to function continuously without overheating.


A thermostat is a device the monitor’s room temperature. Some exhaust fans include a thermostat that automatically turns on when the temperature rises above a certain limit. This automatic function keeps the temperature in check even if you forget to turn on the exhaust fan. The temperature might be displayed on an LCD screen in some units. Some units have a remote control feature that helps you control the function of the exhaust fan from the remote.

Speed Settings

Exhaust fans with different speed settings are available. The speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the kitchen. In winter the room temperature is lower so a lower fan speed setting will work fine. Different speed settings mean different noise levels and vibration levels.

FAQs About Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Time to time maintenance of a kitchen exhaust fan is important for the proper functioning of the unit. Some filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This makes the process pretty easy. Other units that cannot be washed in a dishwasher can be manually cleaned with a piece of cloth dipped in the soapy solution.

Overheating results from continuous motor use. Lubricated Thermally protected motors can be used for a long without overheating. Overheating can damage the motor so it’s important to keep the motor lubricated. Lubrication helps prolong the unit’s life.