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7 Best Electric Fillet Knife | 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Do you like eating fish often or are you in a fish business? Working with fish is not easy and simple. It involves lots of hard physical work. To replace the traditional fillet knives new electric ones were designed that can help reduce the need for physical effort. If you are dealing with fish every day then having an electric fillet knife is a must for you. For easing out the process of filleting fish electric fillet knives have become increasingly popular in recent times. Even if you don’t deal with fish daily, an electric fillet knife will be helpful for the once in a year use.


When filleting with an electric knife, you can get the job done in a shorter time span. Moreover, the quality of the fillet made using an electric knife is better. Electric knives provide improved fillet size. An electric fillet knife does not overheat so you can easily cut your fish using it. These knives are versatile enough for use with all sorts of fish. Due to its efficient built it won’t get dull easily. Thus it puts you in more control and lasts for a long time. An electric knife will be helpful when working with bigger fish. A powerful knife makes the task easy.


The working mechanism of an electric fillet knife differs from the traditional ones. These knives have a saw-like blade or two. This blade is powered by a small yet powerful engine. This helps to cut through even the robust bones easily. An electric fillet knife can be used with chicken meat as well. Is it necessary to own an electric fillet knife when you already have the traditional one? This answer can be tricky to answer. If you cut fish once in a while then a traditional fillet knife will do the job for you. If you want to save your time and ease your life then you surely need an electric fillet knife.

Picking an electric fillet knife is not a simple task. They have different features which you need to know about in-depth so you can have the right one for your use. To save your time we have discussed all the best electric fillet knife options in this article. This also covers their key features and pros and cons so you will have full knowledge of what you are going to buy. Next is the list of best electric fillet knives we picked up for you.

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Bubba Electric Fillet Knife - Non-Slip Grip Handle

Bubba electric fillet knife is designed by professional fishermen so that it perfectly fits into your hands. With the nonslip grip handle, the buyer will have a firm hold on the blade and this provides amazing results. Engineered ventilation maximizes the motor transmission output providing the right amount of torque needed for the job. Four different blade styles are included in the set so you get your desired results. If you are looking for a long-term investment this will be the right spot for you. Due to the stainless steel blade build, they don’t rust.


The blade surface is coated with titanium nitride that’s corrosion-resistant. All these features provide amazing strength and durability to the product. The 8-foot long cord makes it easy to connect to a power source. To keep the kids safe this unit has a safety lock. The product has a premium Eva molded carrying case so it’s convenient for you to carry the knives anywhere you go. This helps keep them organized and allocated storage spaces for different parts help during cleaning. Once you own a Bubba electric fillet you won’t stop stacking fillet until you run out of fish.


This unit includes different blade styles. 7” E-flex is one of them. It works well with both 110 Volts and lithium-ion EFK models. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel. The trinitride coating provides extreme corrosion resistance. This blade has serrated edges and bidirectional blades that make it convenient to fillet small to medium fish. The 9-inch E-flex also fits both 110 Volts and lithium-ion EFK models. This unit is made from high-quality carbon stainless steel with the same trinitride coating that prevents corrosion. This knife works great for filleting small to medium fish too.

  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Dual Rivet Blade Design
  • Ergonomic Trigger
  • TiN Coated

The third style of blade is 9-inch E-stiff. It fits both 110 Volts and lithium-ion EFK models. This blade with serrated edges is used for filleting medium to large fish. The fourth type of blade is a 12 Inch E-stiff. This high carbon stainless steel blade is used for filleting medium to large fish effortlessly. The unit has an 8.5-inch long handle with a nonslip grip. The trigger guard further protects from any hazard. The blades are easily removable for cleaning. The unit just weighs 1.11 pounds so it’s easy to carry it along with other luggage.


  • Four different blade styles
  • Trinitride coating that prevents corrosion
  • 8-foot long cord helps to connect to the power source
  • Safety Lock for enhanced protection



  • Trigger slow responsive

Mister Twister 120v Electric Knife

Mister twister 120-volt knife has 30 percent more power than its counterparts. The unit provides 50 percent more cutting torque. The heavy-duty gears and bearings make it easy to work with any type and size of fish The relaxed hand-design ensures you don’t get fatigued after a few fillets and thus prolongs your working hours. This product is a great necessity for professional fishermen. It makes their day-to-day work life easy. This item only weighs 1.41 pounds. It has a one-year-long warranty so you can use it without any fear of repair cost for up to one year.


This unit can perfectly replace your household electric knife as it works great with deer, rabbits, turkey, and ham. Thus you can prepare your own sandwich meat at home with minimal effort. The trigger on this unit is well designed and easy to push. The colorful body will surely amuse your eyes. After buying a mister twister electric knife you won’t have to battle with meat for dinner. Mister twister offers the sharpest blade so you can use them for any sort of meat. The replacement blades can be purchased separately.


If you are in search of a top-quality electric fillet knife that won’t break your bank then look no further than mister twister. The quality blades are easy to maneuver and save you a lot of time. Replacing your old fillet knife with this one will surely bring you a lot of relief. You can fillet your fish now within a minute. If you are not a regular fisher even then having this knife will help you cause this knife can be used with any meat even for slicing up bread evenly. With its fast action, the unit is equally easy to clean.

  • Safety lock
  • Value for money
  • 1120V AC

The nonslip handles make it easy to hold the unit and use it for people of all ages. Better hold reduces the need for physical effort. This product has a spiral cord. Mister twister knife is great for getting thin even slices of meat. Mister twister corded electric fillet knife has a safety lock that prevents any accidental damage to the children around. The convenient blade release feature helps to exchange the old less functioning blades easily. Mister twister electric fillet blade is an economical purchase that suits a diverse range of demands.


  • Works well with different types of meat
  • Super sharp blade
  • Relaxed handgrip design
  • Heavy-duty bearings for efficient performance


  • Short spiral electric cord

Berkley Electric Fillet Fishing Knife (All Models)

Want to fillet your catch easily? Go for Berkeley electric fillet knife. This ergonomically designed knife has precise blades that can cut through any meat. This knife has an 8-inch long stainless steel blade that won’t corrode easily. Thus your knife will look just as new for long. You won’t have to make another purchase in the near time. A sharp blade can result in an accident and to prevent this from happening this knife has side-release buttons that ensure better safety of your family and everyone around you. The buttons prevent accidental release of the blade so no one gets hurt.


This unit needs 110 Volts to run efficiently. Do you travel to beaches often? The unit comes in a travel case so you won’t have an issue with carrying it around. Having a carrying case makes it convenient and safe to take a knife for use. This knife is available in red and black color so you can choose any one of your choices. Fish cutting won’t be an issue once you have a Berkeley electric fillet knife. This knife is great value for money and does its job the best way. The quality gears make the unit efficient enough for cutting turkey or any other meat.


When going fishing on the beach you surely don’t have a switch nearby. In such a case a Berkeley electric fillet knife will be a great option for you. This unit is run on battery so you have always enough power to cut your fish no matter where you are. Although this knife costs a little more than the other counterparts it’s worth it. The Cordless unit won’t restrict your movement and you are free to fillet anywhere. With a better grip, it’s easy to handle and use the unit. The sharp cutting blade provides amazing results.

  • 8″ stainless steel blades resist corrosion
  • Side release buttons prevent accidental blade release during operation
  • Includes carrying case

Once your old set of blades is worn out you can easily order new ones to replace them. The battery lasts for a long so you can fillet enough fish for your whole family. Quick recharging ensures you don’t have to wait for long to enjoy your meal. The trigger is easy to pull. The unit is super affordable and efficient. Due to its long performance life, it won’t upset your budget.


  • Easy pull trigger
  • Replacement blades are easily available
  • Sharp blade easily cuts meat
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Handle tilts blade if fish is not near

Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

With high power, this Rapala electric fillet knife provides you with more control even when filleting big fish. No matter how big fish you have caught, you can cut through the bones, backbones and work super fast. Rapala electric fillet knife is dishwasher safe so you can comfortably enjoy your food without any worries of cleaning the dirty dishes. A reciprocating style blade is included in the unit so it becomes convenient to fulfill all your filleting needs.

Due to the advanced airflow design, the vibration is dampened. The design also helps to keep the motor cool and ensures it runs smoothly all the time. The relaxed and smooth grip of the knife enables the buyer to fillet for long without getting fatigued. One major complaint with a fillet knife is the length of the cord. Small cords make it hard to use the knife cause you can’t move away from the power source. This unit has an 8-foot long power cord so you can easily move your knife without having to use an extension.

This knife has a quiet motor so you can fillet your fish any time of the day. This gives you an advantage to even fillet at night or early morning as per your ease. Rapala electric fillet knife has a high-quality built body that can work with any sort of meat. This unit offers twice the speed of standard electric knives. The large and ergonomic handle makes it easy to fillet fish. If you clean fish often then having a heavy-duty motor as this one would help. This unit needs around 110 Volts to work. A powerful unit like this one remarkably reduces your work time.

  • 8-foot power cord
  • Advanced Air Flow Body
  • Comfortable grip
  • Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

With the fast blade rotation, this unit easily cuts through the meat. The curve in blades helps easily separate the slices of meat. The well-made knife is great for getting tough jobs done. The handle is in Grey and black. If you need to work with hundreds of fish you surely need this product to ease your life. To fillet the fish using this knife you just need to put a little pressure otherwise you will cut through the bones and skin. A battery-powered one is also available in the market and you can choose any based on your convenience.


  • Long cord for easy operation
  • Big sized handle
  • Powerful motor
  • Dampened vibrations by airflow



  • Handle too big for small hands

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton has offered a great electric knife to ease your filleting process. This unit is designed to help you cut your roast easily. This product has a dual serrated stainless steel blade that runs back and forth through the meat. All you need to do is to move the blade back and forth through the tough spots and your meat is ready. This unit helps to slice up the meat like a pro without any mess. Stainless steel built ensures the product lasts long. This unit helps to simplify the task of cutting up meat. This knife is efficient enough to cut through turkey, ham, or roast beef.

Use your electric knife for slicing the bread too. Slice up various types of bread without any compromise on texture. The product comes with a stainless steel fork that makes it easy and quick to carve and serve the food. The ergonomic hand is designed for maximum comfort and better control. The unit comes with a storage box so you can easily manage all your stuff while traveling. A storage case saves one a lot of space. This helps keep your knife, blades and fork protected and easily accessible.

This electric unit is great for all your cutting needs. The unit has a nonslip trigger so one can avoid any form of injury. This makes it safer for use even for beginners. The fork is dishwasher safe so you can avoid any problems of cleaning dirty dishes. The blades however need to be hand washed. To clear away all the bloodstains and smell effectively use a soapy solution and wipe the blades properly. This knife is great in the sense that you will face no issue assembling it. Considering the low cost this unit is surely a must-have for those who work with meat often.

  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Stainless steel blades and fork
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to Clean

Hamilton Beach Electric knife will save your precious time when on a picnic. This helps you prepare food promptly and then enjoy it fully. Precise cutting ensures that you get perfectly cut thin slices that delight your taste buds. Enjoy healthy food with your family on a beach day without creating any fuss.


  • Comes with a long comfortable handle for fuss-free working
  • Works well with all sorts of meat and bread
  • Comes with a fork
  • The storage box helps sort all the parts


  • The motor becomes hot easily

Rapala Delux

Electric fillet knives with batteries are highly useful when dealing with a situation when you will have no power supply. This unit comes with a 110 bolt power adapter so that you can easily connect it to a power source and use the knife to fillet your fish. This unit offers a relaxed grip body so you can hold it properly and do the job with less effort and time. The knife comes with a storage case that helps keep the stuff sorted and easily accessible at all times. Especially during travel, all the stuff can get mixed up this storage case helps prevent this.


The motor has an advanced airflow design to prevent it from becoming hot. The quiet long-lasting motor is powerful enough to get all jobs done. Due to its quiet functioning, you can fillet your fish any time of the day. Even at night when your family sleeps peacefully, you can fillet your fish. The 18-inch long power cord makes it easy to connect the unit to the power source. You won’t have to use an extension to keep the knife working. A long cord enables you to freely roam around without any hassle.

  • Relaxed Grip Body
  • Advanced Air Flow Design
  • Quiet Long-Lasting Motor
  • 18 Foot Power Cord

The sturdy unit proves to be of great help when filleting a big number of fish at a time. The unit has enough power to fillet all your fish on the beach. You can go on a picnic just with a board and cut all your fish there using this amazing electric fillet knife. The battery power is enough to fillet up to pounds of fish. This knife is a great choice for filleting fish in an affordable price range. The blades are strong enough to deal with any sort of meat. The blades can flexibly move around the ribs. It has Ac DC versatility so you can easily opt for whatever suits your needs. With a diverse unit like this one, you can get your job done anywhere in a lesser time period.


  • Long cord
  • Comes with adapters so can be used both with Ac and Dc
  • Easy storage
  • Quiet Motor


  • The case lacks enough room

One-Touch Battery Powered Knife

Are you in search of a handy electric knife that you can easily carry along anywhere? One-Touch Battery Powered Knife is a great solution for all those chores. This knife has 2 sharp serrated blades that easily cut through the surface making the task a lot easier. The two blades are easy to assemble and use to cut through the meat. The serrated edges help to easily cut through any sort of meat. This unit is run using batteries. The benefit of this feature is that you don’t have to be near a power source. You can use your knife anywhere.


This unit has a quiet effortless operation. You can use it just with one Touch. The unit has a lightweight handle that helps you to cut easily without investing lots of power. You can slice your fruits and vegetables too. The best part for frequent travelers is the small size of this product. It can easily fit in anywhere without creating a mess. When at home you can easily store this knife in a drawer without a need for a separate storage case. It will fit in well in your kitchen cabinet with the rest of your crockery.

  • Effortless One touch Operation
  • Lightweight
  • Balanced Handle for Precise Cutting
  • Twin Durable Stainless Steel Blades
  • Lightweight

These blades are dishwasher safe so you don’t have to exert your effort for cleaning up the dirty dishes. This saves your precious time which you can use for any other enjoyable task. One-Touch offers you the safest and quickest way to cut your bread, fruits, vegetables, or even any sort of meat. This amazing knife is available in white color. This knife is super comfortable to use in hands.


  • Small lightweight easy to carry
  • Cordless operation
  • Quick charging battery
  • Serrated blade edges for quick cutting


  • The battery cover becomes loose

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Buy Best Electric Fillet Knife

To fillet your fish effectively and efficiently you need to have an electric fillet knife. An electric knife lets you easily do the job without investing much effort. We have listed some key features you need to look for in your electric fillet knife next so you can make the right purchase that will last you for long period.

Here is the list of features to look for:

Blade Sharpness

A sharp blade helps to cut through meat efficiently and lessens your working time. The ones with powerful blades can cut through ribs and bones making the process lots easier. The sharp blades slice the meat evenly and properly providing you with perfectly roasted meat that your whole family will thoroughly enjoy. Serrated edges of the blade cut through the hard surface easily.


A smooth and big-sized handle helps to hold the unit better and then do the job of cutting up meat. It reduces hand fatigue and makes the job quick. The nonslip handle keeps your hand firm so you enjoy the working process and are not over-stressed.

Cord Length

If you opt for a cord electric knife then the length of the cord is a highly important factor for you. A smaller cord means you will need to have an extension so that the unit can be connected to a power source. Moreover, you can’t go around freely or take such a knife to the beach to filleting your fish. A big cord gives you room to roam around freely. In case you opt for a battery-operated unit you will have the advantage of taking it along with you on travel. The quick-charging battery lasts for a long time so you can fillet enough fish to feed your family.


A powerful motor helps to reduce your work time and cut through the meat easily. The ones with the powerful motor can cut through the rib bones and backbones. You will be able to finish the job quickly. With the fast motors, the knife has a trigger release button that prevents any accidental hazard and thus ensures better safety for everyone around.

FAQs About The Best Electric Fillet Knife

Some units have dishwasher-safe blades that can be cleaned just by throwing them into the dishwasher. Others need to be hand washed. To hand-wash the blades you need a soapy solution and extra caution so you don’t cause any harm to yourself due to the serrated edges.

An electric fillet knife can be used for cutting any sort of meat ranging from roasted poultry to ham. To perfectly slice your meat you just need a cutting board and an electric knife. You can use your electric fillet knife to cut your bread and evenly slice it up. The sharp blades are powerful enough to cut even through the bones providing you with the desired texture and quality of meat.

The price range varies depending on features. Most of them however are not costly and you can easily find one that will fit within your budget. Most of them last long and thus are a great investment. You can replace the blades once they are worn out. The replacement blades are easily available and budget-friendly.